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About us

I/ About us:

Dear Customers

Nam Vinh Imexco formerly known as a household business that mining and producing many paving stones, building materials. It was established issued in 2008 in Thanh Hoa City, this is the father land of natural blue stone in Vietnam market.

The Nam Vinh Natural Stone company is specialized in supplying products from natural stones for export and domestic sales.

We quarry block stones, produce slab stone, dimension stone, slate, sidewalk edging stone, road paving stones; supply blue facing stone, marble, art and decorative stones, stone tables and benches for yards and gardens; provide consulting and design services, carry out facing stone installation and maintenance for offices and other civil buildings…

The Nam Vinh stone factory is equipped fully with modern stone processing technology, machinery and equipment with capacity of 600,000m2/year. The stone products bearing Nam Vinh Trade Mark always meet the international quality standards, with high gloss and strength, multiple and diverse styles and colors, have received much prestige in many domestic construction projects as well as when exported to European, Oceanian, American, etc., markets

Nam Vinh’s stone products have been exported to many countries in the world. They are now highly evaluated by international customers, meeting the requirements of fastidious markets such as Japan, Republic of Korea, Holland, Belgium, etc.…

With the aim to meet the ever increasing demand of the domestic market and customers (construction companies, architectural offices, construction material agents, shops, distributors we always pay attention to the renovation and modernization of processing technologies by importing modern processing lines, training highly qualified workers so as to bring high quality products and service to the customers

We look forwards to continuing receiving supports and cooperation of customers for the purpose of mutual sustainable development.

II/ Contact:

Head Office: HH22-65, Vinhomes star city , Dong Hai ward, Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam
Website: www.namvinhstone.com.vn
Email: monnh@namvinhstone.vn; info@namvinhstone.vn
Tel: + 84 (2373) 505050 / + 84 934439636

For more information, please contact us, our company is pleased to serve you 24/7